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What We Do

All Carmelites are in the world in some way, but the vocation of lay people is precisely to transform the secular world…Their life, lived in the world in the midst of the people, is dedicated to the cares and tasks of the world, in the ordinary ups and downs of family and society.[1]

The Carmelite vocation is a special call to seek God’s will in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life. It is a humbling and joyful life of allegiance to Jesus Christ[2]. It is a call to be love in the heart of the Church through contemplative prayer, community, and ministry.


[1] Joseph Chalmers, Living the Carmelite Way, Part 1, Ch 7.28.

[2] Albert of Jerusalem (c. 1206-14). formula vitae. Ch 2.


Daily prayer for the Lay Carmelite includes Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and at least thirty minutes of quiet Scripture-based prayer (e.g., lectio divina).


Unlike the religious branches of the Order, Lay Carmelites do not live in community. We simulate community life by gathering for a monthly meeting, and attending days of recollection and retreats.


Lay Carmelites are called to build up the Church by assisting in a parish ministry. They are also encouraged to engage in personal ministries.

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