The Carmelites are an 800-year old Catholic religious family with hermetic orgins on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land. Although most following the Carmelite Way are not known in history, several have become revered doctors and saints of the Church, including St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross, St Therese of Lisieux, and Bl Titus Brandsma.


Lay Carmelites are the Third Order Secular branch of the Order. Ontario and NW New York Region is a cluster of twelve communities in the Carmelite Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary (PCM).

Regional Events 

Mary Jean Giliberto, T.O.Carm., speaks about her life as a Lay Carmelite on a radio program called, 'The Cookie Jar'.


The podcast episode, the 'Oasis of Peace' was hosted by Christine Bruce and aired on 93.9 CICK on Monday, 13th December 2021.

Used with permission of the host.

Picture design: Mary Jean Giliberto, T.O.Carm.

Icon: Courtesy of Iconographer, Stephen Hull, T.O.Carm.

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The Cookie Jar
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Prayer Cell via ZOOM

every Wednesday evening at 8:00pm with Our Lady of Peace

Lay Carmelite Community

Etobicoke, ON

angelo.favretto@gmail.com or text 647-391-4217

for information


Join Blessed Trinity LCC for Morning Prayer and lectio divina

every Saturday from 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Morning Prayer (or Lauds) is one of the Hours of the Divine Office. "The Office is... the prayer not only of the clergy but of the whole People of God.” Apostolic Constitution, Canticum Laudis

Lectio divina is scripture-based prayer, recommended by the Pope and the Carmelite Order. It is practiced publically by local Cardinal Thomas Collins.


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